Ketcher 2.2.0 released

15 Apr 2021

We are glad to announce that a new stable version of Ketcher 2.2.0 is released. The main goal of current release was adding support of standalone mode. The list of changes related to this functionality can be found here.

Ketcher 2.1.0 released

11 Jan 2021

We are glad to announce that a new stable version of Ketcher is released. For more details please look at release notes.

Ketcher 2.1.0 beta is now available

26 Nov 2020

We are glad to announce that a new version of Ketcher is released. In scope of this release transition to React was done and now Ketcher is available as NPM package. For more details please look at release notes.

Bingo 1.9.1 released

13 Sep 2020

New Bingo was released with PostgreSQL 11 and 12 support.

Change license for Indigo and Bingo

15 October 2019

We are glad to announce that the license was changed for Indigo toolkit and Bingo cartridges to Apache License v2. The new license should allow for the Indigo to be used in more products and utilities. Please find terms and conditions for the license at the Github page . All the latest releases can be found at the download page. The new versions also contain some enhancements and bug fixes.

Miew recent updates

5 April 2019

In recent months, we have significantly improved our 3D Molecular Viewer, both in terms of quality and quantity. More file formats are supported now, not to mention the further development of volumetric rendering (electron density maps).

Med3web has got new features

7 Feb 2019

Automatic segmentation methods support lungs data and brain separation from skull tissues. Semi-automatic methods can clear volumetric data, as well as separate the area of interest from the source volume using deformable 3D triangle mesh. Also Med3web supports HDR files format now.

Indigo ELN v2.0 released

23 July 2018

Indigo ELN v 2.0 is the next version of EPAM open-source Indigo ELN based on a completely different technology stack than v.1.0 and providing a new interface, new features, at the same time retaining all the functionality previously implemented.

Indigo ELN is a viable free-of-charge alternative to commercial electronic notebooks providing the same set of functionality.

Bingo 1.8.0 beta released

12 Jan 2018

New Bingo version was released. It includes PostgreSQL 9.6 and 10.1 support, ignore_bad_valence option and many other improvements and bugfixes

Ketcher 2.0.0 beta is released

29 Dec 2017

New Ketcher version was released. It includes lot of bugfixes and improvements

Med3Web is available on GitHub

25 Dec 2017

Good news! The project is available on GitHub for collaboration.

Mobile Ketcher now available at Google Play

2 Nov 2017

We are pleased to announce the Ketcher application for Android devices. Now chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, scientists, researchers and students can do their favorite work anywhere and anytime.

Ketcher is available on GitHub with a new License

27 Oct 2017

We are glad to announce that Ketcher is available on GitHub via Apache License v2. The new version provides extendend capabilities and user experience

Miew is available on GitHub

6 Sep 2017

Finally we moved our 3D Molecular Viewer source code development on GitHub.

Indigo 1.3.0 beta released

31 Dec 2016

New Indigo version was released.

Indigo 1.2.3 released

23 May 2016

New Indigo version was released.

The version includes small bugfixes and improvements

Parso 2.0

28 March 2016

New version of Open-Source SAS7BDAT datasets reader was released.

Indigo Nodes 2.0 for KNIME 3

26 Jan 2016

New version of Indigo nodes for KNIME 3 was released. The nodes are available via community contribution update site.

Indigo 1.2.2beta released

18 Nov 2015

New Indigo version was released with new layout mode, rich SGroup support and other features and improvements

Please note, in this beta version Indigo introduces very “new” and “novel” features and algorithms. We look forward to receiving any questions or notes for this version.

Indigo is available on GitHub

5 Nov 2015

Finally we moved our source code development on GitHub.

Please see the Release Notes for the details

Indigo ELN 1.2 released

08 May 2015

New stable version for Indigo Chemistry Electronic Lab Notebook is available. It includes the following general changes:

  • Using Maven as build system

  • Using Tomcat as application server instead of JBoss

Also includes bugfixes, improved performance both with the stability and other enhancements. See detailed description here

Indigo 1.2.1 released

30 April 2015

New Indigo stable version is available. It includes bugfixes and enhancements.

Bingo 1.7.10-dev6 released

31 Dec 2014

We have released the new Bingo with PostgreSQL 9.3 and 9.4 support. It includes also other fixes and features (e.g. multithreading for index procedure).

New portal for Life Sciences Open Source products

31 Dec 2014

There was a long silence period. EPAM Systems acquired GGA, in order to strengthen Life Science & Healthcare vertical. And now we proud to announce that we are continuing to undertake the Open Source initiative through EPAM.

We are glad to present the new portal for the Life Sciences Open-Source products.

Indigo 1.1.12 released

23 Dec 2013

We are releasing Indigo 1.1.12 that is the last version in the 1.1.x series. New features and improvements can be found in release notes