Indigo ELN Changelog

Indigo ELN v2.0

23 July 2018

The major changes are the following:

  • Web-based ELN functionality without using any proprietary services or commercial third-party products
  • Support of extended user management system (users and roles, entities sharing)
  • Hierarchy of logical and database entities (projects, notebooks, experiments, components)
  • Mechanism of templates to create different types of experiments without the need to change the code

Indigo ELN 1.2

08 May 2015

The major changes are the following
  • Tomcat for application deployment instead of JBOSS application server
  • Spring Remoting instead of EJB
  • Maven code structure
  • Reporting: BIRT 3.7.2 instead of 2.5.2
  • Basic Application Security
  • One deployment unit for both client and server side
  • (Compound Registration Service) Spring Remoting instead of WebServices

Indigo ELN 1.1.3

15 December 2014

The major changes are the following

  • Extended list of the database supported: PostgreSQL 9.2; Oracle 11+; Oracle 11+ Express. As a result – minor changes in the database schema.
  • Application server JBOSS 7.1.1 instead of JBOSS 5.1
  • All EJB 2 components substituted with EJB 3 ones

Indigo ELN 1.1.1

30 April 2013

The major changes are the following

  • Search experiments via reactions and molecules in local database
  • Configurable reactant search in different databases
  • Indigo ELN now works on Mac OS X and GNU/Linux
  • Bug fixes

Indigo ELN 1.1

5 February 2013

The major changes are the following:

  • Integration with Ketcher product (sketcher)
  • Implementation of and integration with simple registration/search services
  • Fixes for the signing procedure and stoichiometry calculations