Ketcher 2.2.0

15 April 2021


We are glad to announce that a new stable version of Ketcher 2.2.0 is released. The main goal of current release was adding support of standalone mode. The list of changes related to this functionality can be found here.

New features and improvements

  • Get Molfile in v3000 format #21

  • Track if origin file was changed #246

  • Add save to MDL molfile v3000 support #190

  • Transform global css selectors into css classes #278

  • Split Ketcher into Core and Presentations modules #196

  • Extend editor API to generate png files based on structure #240

  • Fire custom event on structure change #54

  • Add delete button for user templates #160

  • Add ketcherWindow.ketcher.getSmilesExt() method #266

  • Add possibility to hide buttons on control panel #244

  • Add bonds information for ket format in DAT s-groups #280

  • Add indicator to inform users about execution of ‘heavy’ operations #255

  • Ketcher API: Add possibility to save RXN files #296

  • Add ellipse simple object #85

  • ‘Font’ field should be disabled untill list will be loaded #321

  • Modal window displaying in Ketcher instance format #325

  • Simple Objects selection and resizing mechanism #315

  • Add ability to download image in several formats #373

  • Allow select simple object by several points in selection area #367


  • If structure contains SRU-Group User can’t click ‘Calculated Values’ button - nothing happens after clicking. #215

  • Stereo labels appears on not stereo structure after ‘Aromatize’ action. #206

  • User can create incorrect Multiple S-Group but can’t save and warning message doesn’t appears. #175

  • Calculated Values displays some values from last calculation #279

  • Remove process.env.PUBLIC_URL from ketcher-react #282

  • Fonts drop-down list can’t be opened when User opens settings for the second time #320

  • User can’t copy/cut and paste part of structure or structure with SRU-polymer S-Group. #177

  • When User draw circle without height - Ketcher becomes disabled. #317

  • Error after Undo/Redo actions when User has edited S-Group #311

  • Unable to calculate values for selected structure #361

  • S-Group brackets place in incorrect place on structure with double bonds and sprouted single bonds #269

  • Calculated values for reaction: missing last bracket for chemical formula #364

  • The structures with atoms with valences rendering incorrectly after saving #46

  • Different structure between ketcher.setMolecule() and ketcher.ui.load() #386

  • Templates in template library are shifted down when Ketcher have less than 855px width #338

  • Display Settings: ‘Show hydrogen labels’ triggers error #391

  • ‘Calculated values’ fields are editable #388

  • Incorrect behavior of Ketcher after deleting of a part of R-Group member #419

  • In Template Library scroll bar jumps up and down when it is centered #184

  • Incorrect behavior of Ketcher after deleting of a part of S-Group member #433

  • ‘Any Atom’ tool incorrect behavior when selected with hotkey or typed in from keyboard #368

  • ‘Custom Templates’ - User templates are shown without the images in the right pane of the ‘Template library’ #431