Ketcher 2.1.0

11 January 2021


We are glad to announce that a new stable version of Ketcher 2.1.0 is released.


The main goal of current release was stabilization of 2.1.0-beta release.

New features and improvements

  • Update Miew version #148

  • Add line simple object #126

  • Simple Objects Selection & Dragging Enhancements #112


  • ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’ buttons doesn’t work - error appears #237

  • Warning message doesn’t appears for InChi files #186

  • Warning message is not shown when trying to save a reaction with R-group members as .rxn file #185

  • When User creates S-Group, group selection doesn’t disappear #173

  • File V3000 format with Atom NOT List is not loaded #228

  • Selection for Rectangle sometimes select object incorrectly #226

  • User can’t copy values from text fields in “Calculated Values” window. After CTRL+C nothing is copied to the clipboard #213

  • When User open .mol file with R-Group and then try to save it - blank page appears #187

  • Load as a fragment and copy to the Clipboard: Copy to Clipboard doesn’t work #193

  • It is impossible to choose zoom value from zoom drop down list #174

  • Info text under the template image is missing #158

  • ‘Template name’ field does not contain grey ‘tmpl’ placeholder #159

  • The layout of the ‘filter’ input is displayed incorrectly #153

  • Atom number field is empty in ‘Atom properties’ dialog #152

  • ‘Label edit’ window does not appear while typing #154

  • Pasting into “Open Structure” box does not seem to work #143

  • Deleting the sprouted bond does not work correctly #146

  • Drop-down list of Bond Tools does not work correctly with different screen settings #147

  • Ketcher does not work in IE 11 #138

  • Rotation is broken if only arrow has been added on canvas #136

  • Cannot insert simple object as fragment from .ket #125

  • Cut command does not work for Simple Objects #117

  • Dialog for editing Rgroup doesn’t work #119

  • Icon in toolbox is missed while sub-menu is opened #124

  • Undo doesn’t work for simple objects #129

  • Dragging of structure does not work properly #134