Indigo 1.6.1

28 Dec 2021


  • PoC implementation of Indigo modern C++ user API written on top of low-level C API. Later it will be used in Indigo-WASM and probably other languages.

  • New Indigo service added as preview. Modernized Indigo service implements JSON:API protocol and can be installed as Docker image epmlsop/indigo-service:enhanced-latest.

  • Indigo API ported to ARM64 processor architecture. Python, Java and C# wrappers now contain required native libraries for macOS (Apple M1) and Linux.

  • Implemented loader for CDXML format.

  • Dative and hydrogen bonds are now supported.

  • Implemented partial aromatization/dearomatization for the structures with superatoms.

  • Multifragment support for KET-format.

  • Simple objects support for KET-format.

  • Atom’s aliases and functional groups’ attributes support for KET-format.

  • Indigo-Python: initial version of inorganic salt checker added.


  • Bingo-NoSQL major refactoring with significant multithreading performance improvements.

  • C++ unittests were separated in API and Core parts.

  • CMake build system by default tries to enable as many components as possible and warns if building something is not possible on the current platform.

  • Migrated to modern C++ standard mutexes and locks instead of own-written implementation.

  • Using thread-safe objects in Indigo API instead of raw mutexes to guarantee thread safety.

  • C++ code modernization: added ‘override’, replaced plain C functions with corresponding from std, etc.

  • Indigo API integration tests engine parallelized.

  • Indigo WASM API for Ketcher reached stable status and is now published to NPM public repository.

  • Indigo i386 libraries for Windows prepared.

  • CI/CD: automatic code style checks and linters added for Python and C++ code.


  • Fixed multiple data races in API and especially in Bingo-NoSQL (#476).

  • InChI library bugfix for empty string support

  • Multiple small bugfixes in Indigo-Ketcher WASM module and Indigo Service.

  • Bingo-Elastic-Java: updated all dependencies to fix log4j security issue.

  • Fixed an occasional error in RPE.

  • Bingo-NoSQL: fixed enumerateId() in Java.