Ketcher on GitHub


27 Oct 2017


Ketcher version 2 now available at EPAM Github

In this release the license change was made. Ketcher version 2 is available via Apache License v2. We have been moving to this step for a long time. The new license should allow for Ketcher to be used in more products and utilities. We continue support and develop new features. We look forward receiving new reports and notes to improve the structure editor together.

New features and improvements:

  • Rewritten core engine with ES5 standard and new Javascript libraries

  • New interface with modern icons and windows. User interface was ported to Redux

  • Templates support including user defined structures

  • 3D Viewer integrated with editor

  • Recognizing structures from images

  • Settings dialog with configuration parameters

  • CML and SMARTS format support

  • Calculating CIP for structures

  • Name to structure was added into the structure loader

  • Calculating properties functionality

  • Check structure functionality with different options

  • Clean up function for small layout corrections

  • New features for Atom, S-Group and R-Group tools

  • Many others fixes and updates…