Mobile Ketcher


2 Nov 2017


Mobile Ketcher now available!

We are pleased to announce the Ketcher application for Android devices. Now chemists, biologists, pharmacologists, scientists, researchers and students can do their favorite work anywhere and anytime.

Install our application on an Android device and draw structures and reactions, edit, save them in different formats (mol, rxn, SMILE-string, InChI-string) and as pictures. Share files with your colleagues. Download it now

Mobile Ketcher Features

Ketcher Features Creating, saving and sharing chemical structures You can create chemical structures from scratch, open them from a chemical file (mol, mol3000, rxn, rxn3000, smiles, inchi, and cml formats are supported), or import a drawing from a PNG image file. When you are done, you can save the drawing as an RXN chemical file and/or share it via email.

Selecting and editing You can select rectangular or free-form areas of the drawing and perform various operations with them (cutting, copying, pasting, or deleting). You can move and rotate selections as well as the whole structure. The application saves editing history as you are working, so you can undo up to 32 changes.

Working with atoms You can select atoms from the periodical table and paste them onto the empty drawing canvas or replace other atoms. You can also add atoms to a structure by tapping and drawing from an atom already present. If you tap and hold an atom, you can edit its properties (charge, valence, isotope, and radical). Other elements Ketcher supports further elements for drawings:

  • bonds (multiple, editable bond types and chains of bonds are supported)

  • R-groups

  • templates

Reactions and layout enhancement You can draw reactions and map the atoms from the reagents to the product manually or automatically. The drawings can be automatically “cleaned up”.

Internet access Most of Ketcher functionality is available offline, but you need Internet access for the following operations:

  • Open and save inchi and smiles chemical files

  • Import of drawings from PNG files

  • Clean-up (smoothening) of drawings

  • Automatic reaction mapping

Please give it a try. We look forward to receiving your feedback !