New Genome Browser - NGB

Web at a speed and functionality of a powerful desktop


NGB is a genome browser working via Web on virtually any computer, requiring no installations / updates and providing the functionality and speed compared to the best desktop genome browsers.

Key Features

Fast and comfortable

  • Split-view of extensive genomic rearrangement

  • “Variants” table for rapid review of filtered subsets of variants

  • Fast and scalable big/cloud genome data analysis

  • Hotkeys for fast sorting, grouping, coloring, scaling, etc.

  • Dockable panels, saving and sharing sessions, etc.

  • Fast access to huge (500 Gb and more) data files

  • Easy access to cloud data (Amazon S3, Hadoop, etc.)

Alignment visualization

NGB provides a rich set of tools for viewing alignments in BAM/CRAM format:

  • Responsive visualization up to 150 kb

  • Collapsed view for high-coverage samples (one-pixel height read)

  • Sorting and grouping reads by chromosome of mate, pair orientation, insert size, base, etc.

  • Coloring reads by read strand, pair orientation, insert size, first in pair strand, etc.

  • Softclipped reads

  • Coverage visualization


Variation visualization

NGB has set of powerful mechanisms to simplify working with variations: searching, analyzing and reporting.

  • “Variants” table for quick filtering/search by wide set of fields

  • Jump between variations using arrow buttons/keys

  • Grouped/stacked variations view on small scale

  • Detailed variation info on demand (screenshot!)

  • Links to external databases (dbSNP, etc.)

  • Viewing variation effect on protein domains


Structural variations visualization

Alongside with common variations NGB supports structural variations according to VCF4.3 format: Long insertions and deletions, inversions, breakpoins. NGB also provides several very useful visualizations for structural variations.

  • Variation type size and direction

  • Detailed variation info including the table view for ANN field

  • Displaying fusion proteins with domains/exons structure

  • Visualizing the DNA rearrangement and the resulting hybrid proteins/domains/exons

  • NGB downloads information about protein domains from Uniprot database and displays domain structure on rearrangement scheme

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Split-view mode

NBG can show data at two locations simultaneously for effective analysis of extensive genomic rearrangements. User can easily open split view for viewing mate reads or both end of a structural variation, or just open split view for any desired location. The position, scale and track mode can be set up for each view independently.



NGB has special modes for working with RNAseq data, including split reads and spice junctions.

Shorten introns (exome only) view hides all introns (except short flanking regions) and shows only a part of a reference that corresponds to gene exons.



Integrated protein structure viewer

Embedded molecular viewer showing proteins that correspond to genes/transcripts displayed in genome browser and highlighting regions of interest, e.g. mutations, domains, etc.


Try in one click

You can try the NGB demo But please be informed, that not all browsers are supported


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Source code and Quick start guide

NGB source code, documentation, guides how to build and start NGB is accessible at the web-based hosting service Github -


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