• Bingo: Chemistry search engine for Oracle and MS SQL Server databases

  • Ketcher: Web-based molecule sketcher

  • Indigo Toolkit: Universal cheminformatics toolkit and API

  • Indigo ELN: Open-Source Chemistry Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Imago OCR: Chemical optical recognition toolkit

  • Parso: Open-Source SAS7BDAT datasets reader

  • Indigo Service: RESTful API for Indigo toolkit

Additional Services

Visit the following pages if you need additional services or if you have any questions

Data processing

User guide

Open an appropriate product page and press Request Solution button


Fill the form, select additional services, enter a security code and press Send. After some time all the necessary information will be sent to the specified e-mail.

First time download

Open required project page. Select appropriate product, operating system and architecture. The download will redirect to the EPAM standard form


Fill the form, enter a security code and press Submit. After some time the URL will be sent to the specified e-mail. Note: EPAM form uses cookies to store user information. The URL from e-mail should be opened in the same browser which was used to fulfill the form. If you download a product second time or if you want to download a new product, you do not have to submit the form second time. After selecting URL the completed form will appear. And the Download button will be added.


A file download process should be started once the Download button is pressed (no e-mails will be sent) Note: please note that the second time the Submit button will send an e-mail only if the specified e-mail differs from the e-mail in the pre-filled form.

In case of problems

If you have any issues please contact us by