Usage: indigo-depict infile.{mol,rxn,smi} outfile.{png,svg,pdf} [parameters]
       indigo-depict infile.{sdf,rdf,smi} outfile_%s.{png,svg,pdf} [parameters]
       indigo-depict infile.{sdf,rdf}.gz outfile_%s.{png,svg,pdf} [parameters]
       indigo-depict infile.smi outfile.{mol,rxn} [parameters]
       indigo-depict infile.smi outfile.{sdf} [parameters]
       indigo-depict - SMILES outfile.{png,svg,pdf} [parameters]
       indigo-depict - SMILES outfile.{mol,rxn} [parameters]

   Picture width in pixels
   Picture height in pixels
   Average bond length in pixels (conflicts with -w and -h)
   Horizontal and vertical margins, in pixels. No margins by default
   Horizontal and vertical margins around comment. No margins by default
   Set relative thickness factor. Default is 1.0
   Set implicit hydrogen display mode (default is terminalhetero)
   Set atom label display mode (default is normal)
   Force [de]aromatization
   Stereogroups display mode (default is 'old')
   Center double bonds which have an adjacent stereo bond (disabled by default)
   Treat the input as a query molecule or reaction (disabled by default)
   SDF/RDF field to be put in place of '%s' in the names of saved files
   (default is molecule/reaction number)
   Text comment to be put above the molecule or reaction. No default value
   Use specified SDF/RDF field as a comment
   Use molecule/reaction name as a comment
   Text comment font size factor relative to bond thickness (default 6)
   Text comment position (bottom by default)
   Text comment alignment (center by default)
   Enable/disable coloring (enabled by default)
   Enable highlighting with thick lines and bold characters
   Enable highlighting with color. Component values must be in range [0..255]
   Set the background color. Component values must be in range [0..255]
   Set the default foreground color. Component values must be in range [0..255]
   Set the color of AAM indices. Component values must be in range [0..255]
   Set the color of the comment. Component values must be in range [0..255]
   Show atom numbers (for debugging purposes only)
   Show bond numbers (for debugging purposes only)
   Print this help message

   indigo-depict infile.mol outfile.png -coloring off -arom
   indigo-depict database.sdf molecule_%s.png -idfield cdbregno -thickness 1.1
   indigo-depict database.smi database.sdf
   indigo-depict - "CC.[O-][*-]([O-])=O" query.png -query
   indigo-depict - "OCO>>CC(C)N" reaction.rxn