Indigo ELN: The Open-Source Chemistry Electronic Lab Notebook

Professional. Proven. Free.


GGA Software Services LLC, now LifeSciences unit of EPAM Systems, Inc., has received an exclusive license from Pfizer Inc. to create and distribute an open-source version of Pfizer’s internal chemistry electronic lab notebook, known as CeN, and Indigo ELN is the resulting open-source version that is available for your use, integration, and customization.

Benefiting from the considerable investment by Pfizer in its internal chemistry ELN, Indigo ELN provides scientists with a proven way to create, store, retrieve, and share electronic records of chemistry information in ways that meet all legal, regulatory, technical, and scientific requirements.

Indigo ELN allows scientists to prepare, plan, and analyze experiments, access relevant information, and develop new methods in the areas of synthetic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and process chemistry.

Through the use of Indigo ELN, you can upgrade your existing ELN with a proven and tested open-source platform, and you can do it at no charge.

Indigo ELN combines the best of both worlds: an application developed and refined at Pfizer and tested by thousands of chemists there, and an open-source application that is available at no cost.

Indigo ELN

Why Select Indigo ELN as Your Chemistry ELN?

Cost benefits

  • The core Indigo ELN product is free of charge, as it is distributed under an open-source license, GNU General Public License, Version 3.
  • Total integration costs are much less than the licensing costs of commercial products.
  • Indigo ELN represents a leading cost-effective alternative to commercial ELN products.

Modern technologies

  • Indigo ELN is an established Java-based solution with multi-tier architecture. It is based on Pfizer’s internal chemistry ELN.

Proven solution developed and used by Pfizer for years

  • Indigo ELN is based on Pfizer’s internal chemistry ELN, which has been developed and improved by Pfizer over many years. In this way, Indigo ELN benefits from the input from thousands of Pfizer users regarding user interface, workflows, and core functionalities.
  • Changes in the core application were driven by feedback from chemists in Pfizer’s Global Research and Development organization.

Integration with external systems

  • The core Indigo ELN product is shipped with the basic services included.
  • EPAM is available to implement any requested services and to integrate the solution with your infrastructure.
  • Indigo ELN will integrate seamlessly with Pfizer’s services. All of the data in Indigo ELN will be recognized by Pfizer’s services and databases.

Core Indigo ELN Package

The package provides the main functionality of Pfizer’s internal chemistry ELN without using any proprietary Pfizer services or commercial third-party products, which were removed as part of putting the ELN into the open-source community.

The core Indigo ELN package includes:

  • Database tier – Oracle, Oracle Express edition or PostgreSQL database (In addition, Indigo ELN supports EPAM’s open-source molecular search cartridge Bingo© for these databases).
  • Core user interface for creation of singleton experiments and conception records.
  • Major services:
    • Basic functionality and user interfaces for creating, describing, and managing singleton experiments and concept records.
    • Signature service to sign and witness experiments.
    • Reaction rendering and chemical properties calculation based on EPAM’s open-source cheminformatics engine Indigo©.
    • Compound registration and structure search services
  • Support both Ketcher (EPAM’s open-source editor) and ISIS Draw for structure editing
  • APIs to integrate with existing customer services and databases.

EPAM is available to support customers in integrating Indigo ELN with their services and databases, as well as in creating new services.

EPAM’s Open-Source Products to Complement Indigo ELN

EPAM is available to integrate EPAM’s open-source products and other open-source products with the core functionality of Indigo ELN. In this way, Indigo ELN becomes a complete solution:

  • Search in the Indigo ELN database by using EPAM’s molecular search cartridge Bingo© for Oracle and PostgreSQL databases.
  • Integration with EPAM’s chemistry drawing tool Ketcher©.
  • Basic compound and batch registration service (these can be adapted to meet your requirements).


Indigo ELN has the following immediate functionality:

  • Browse, view, and search experiments
  • Create and set up a singleton experiments and concept record page
  • Set up to run experiments and record results
  • Sign and witness experiments
  • Attach documents
  • Print reports and access offline.
  • Register and submit batches automatically
  • Structure and reaction search in Indigo ELN.

Indigo ELN will have the following functionality after integration with the corresponding services:

  • Upload analytical information
  • Retrieve analytical information

As one of the world’s leading scientific informatics outsourcing companies, EPAM is available to provide your organization with any integration and customization services to add functionality to Indigo ELN.

Support and Development

EPAM will provide you with customization, integration, support, and maintenance services for Indigo ELN and will price those services based on your individual needs.

Major factors affecting the service pricing include:

  • Environment requirements (operating systems, existing services)
  • Scope of services to be implemented or integrated
  • Number of users per site
  • Number of sites
  • User requirements (additional features to be developed for the core version).

Download and Install

Please go to the Downloads page for the installation package suitable for your system.

For installation instructions, see the Installation Guide. For user manual, see User Guide.


Indigo ELN is free software: You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; version 3 of the License.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should receive a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If you did not, please see